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Neighbourhood Plan and Design Guide

Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan and Design Guide

Neighbourhood Plan

The 6-week Local Consultation on the Allithwaite and Cartmel Neighbourhood Plan – 2021-2029 has now completed.

Further information on the outcomes from the consultation will be available on this website and the Neighbourhood Plan website at

Neighbourhood Plans are a new and exciting process set up by central government to ensure that local interests and wishes would form an integral part of decision making for the future planning of our local communities. Our Neighbourhood Plan has been drafted after extensive consultation with all members of the community and that process included open days and community meetings.

For example that means what style and quantity of housing is to be built to meet local needs, the kind of shops we need, how we provide for our younger and older people, what and where we provide education, which areas we prefer to keep protected as green space, how we manage traffic and local services as just a few examples of the Parish having a Neighbourhood Plan.  The preparation and endorsement of a Neighbourhood Plan is that it will enable the Parish Council to access a higher percentage of the Community Infrastructure Levy, which is the payment all builders and developers are required to pay to fund infrastructure improvements in the locality of their development.

Design Guide

The purpose of the Design Code report is to raise an appreciation for the existing built character of the Allithwaite and Cartmel Parish, notably the villages of Allithwaite and Cartmel, and to use this understanding to provide design guidance which will help to protect the parish identity as it grows in the future. It will provide a set of guidance which aligns to the local and national planning policy context, and the ambitions of the Parish Council.