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A Cross Roads for Cartmel?

With its imposing 12th Century Priory Church, Cartmel has long suffered from increasing traffic congestion and inconsiderate parking throughout the village, which is set to increase in the coming years. 

Periodic engagement over the past 4 years, has been undertaken ‘informally’ by the CTI. Cumbria County Council are now entering a Formal Engagement Process and it is imperative everyone has their say on the proposed TRO, irrespective of whether they have responded in the past.

This a critical cross road for Cartmel and will dictate how the village manages traffic congestion and inconsiderate parking for years to come. If the community does not support the scheme, with the time and effort needed to bring proposals forward, it could be another 10 years before there is fresh attempt at concerted action.

Can I therefore impress on all villagers the need to respond to the CCC 21-day consultation proces.which will take place from the 2nd February until the 22nd February, 21 days.  Cartmel Priory Church will have a display and maps availbe during this period.

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