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  • Digital Booking System - UHMBT Hospitals

    UHMBT pilots new digital booking system so patients can book their own follow-up Outpatient appointment

    Patients attending Outpatient appointments at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT) will start to be able to book their own follow up appointment via SMS text message, instead of having an appointment booked for them and sent through the post.

    The new system will allow patients to book their own appointments at a date and time which is suitable to them and provides an option for patients to decline or cancel the appointment should they need to.

    The UHMBT electronic booking system will be piloted in Gynaecology services and if successful will be rolled out to other services.   This initiative is part of the ongoing technological transformation of UHMB and the wider NHS.  Contact Information for further information is Ingrid Kent:

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